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Cambodia/Telephone and Fax in Cambodia

Telephone and Fax in Cambodia

Cambodia Country Calling Code : 855

Sihanoukville Area Code : 034

Internet access in Sihanouk Ville is relatively fast and inexpensive, most internet shops offering access for $1.00/hour. Some places have a minimum charge. Many guesthouses and hotels offer internet access (some with Wifi) and there are several internet shops scattered across the town. A growing number of restaurants and bars are offering wifi access. Some have free access, though downloads may be limited. Some have an Online Hotspot, requiring that you purchase a PIC card for access, but the access is fast and unlimited and can be used at places across town.

Most of the hotels, internet shops and some convenience store have international telephone service for $1.50 - $5.00/minute. Most of the internet shops also offer international internet telephone calls for around 500-1000 riel/minute.

Telephoning notes

You may notice that Cambodian telephone numbers begin with a ‘0' (e.g. 034-000000) When dialing domestically, it is usually necessary to dial the ‘0' at the beginning

When dialing from outside Cambodia to a Cambodian telephone number, you must use the country code but exclude the ‘0' at the beginning (e.g. 855-34-000000)

When dialing internationally from Cambodia, you must precede the number with ‘001' or ‘007'.

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