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Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is renowned for street food with its name listed by CNN and Lonely Planet among top street food paradises in Asia. However, many foreign visitors coming to Hanoi miss out on experiencing the real street food spirit of this 1,000-year-old capital city. Lack of guidance, worries about hygiene, and not to mention the "bizarre" nature of many dishes (dog meat, frog and even animal organs) often freak tourists out, keeping them inside numerous touristic restaurants serving familiar international dishes.


So if you are not among those frightened tourists and seeking for the authentic street food experience in Hanoi, the question simply is: “Are you ready to get off the beaten track & Eat like locals?”.


It’s time for you to skip boring classic city tours with most of your time spent on bus & Join us on Hanoi Street Food Adventure.

Our adventure starts daily from 11.00 am & 05.00 pm, please contact our consultant and make a booking now! Remember, it is totally FREE!


See the detail itinerary for your adventure: Hanoi Street Food Adventure